Rosario Dawson’s heavenly cleavage pics

Having cravings for one chocolate tit? How about two? You people are in for a treat, because some lucky paparazzo found the perfect spot to take pictures of Rosario Dawson’s caramel boobies in an angle that needs to be done for all fucking pictures of chicks! Amirite?!

Seriously, seeing Rosario Dawson’s mammaries from atop just completed my day. This is the reason God made tits! Celebrities should walk around bent low so guys won’t have to crane and break their necks looking for the sweet spot in their blouses. Rosario Dawson was even pleasant about getting perved up by the peeping tom who got lucky and gave us pictures of her huge boobies. Bitch probably got tittyfucked previously and was left in a good mood.

And who wouldn’t tittyfuck her? Sometimes a chick’s boobs are too large to ignore during sex that not even a rub can satisfy. No, you have to stick your cock in between those plush puppies, hump her like mad and let your cum shoot on her open mouth! That’s how you make proper use of a bouncing pair of tits!


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